SPECIAL NOTE as of 04-21-2024: The editor, Lezli Robyn has had some significant health setbacks requiring multiple hospital stays and a Gofundme created to help keep her afloat while she was unable to work for a few months, so all correspondence related to past Galaxy’s Edge magazine submissions transitioning to future Galaxy’s Edge anthologies had completely stalled during that time.

Lezli anticipates having followed up or responded to all emails stagnating in her inbox by 06-01-2024 (there are a LOT of emails!). If you do not hear from her by that exact date, or after, please send a follow up email to lezli at arc manor dot com and she will respond promptly! The transition between magazine format and anthology format while going through significant health hurdles might mean someone has inadvertently fallen through the cracks.

THE FINAL BEST OF GALAXY’S EDGE ANTHOLOGY will be finalized by 06-01-2024, to be published in 2024 (!!!), with all authors being contacted by that time and their payments prepared ahead of publication! if you know you are a part of that anthology and have not received and email from the editor, Lezli Robyn, by that time, please check your spam folders!

THE ANNUAL GALAXY’S EDGE ANTHOLOGY MOKSHA SUBMISSIONS PORTAL WILL BE OPENED EACH YEAR ON SEPTEMBER 1ST FOR THE DURATION OF ONE MONTH, with details of that year’s theme and submission parameters being posted to this page on JUNE 1ST, to give authors time to write some incredible stories!

WRITERS OF THE FUTURE authors: Lezli Robyn is dedicated to continuing Mike Resnick’s legacy of helping new writers find their footing in the science fiction and fantasy field. When new authors are starting out, it can take a bit more time or mentoring to finalize a polished story that is publishable, and submission anxiety can be incredibly daunting. Recognizing this, Lezli has decided to start a special program that will allow the current WotF authors of each calendar year know the next anthology theme early at the annual WotF workshop. She will then create a special MOKSHA portal for their submissions, to be opened each year on AUGUST 1ST so she can spend some time to work with the new authors, with the aim of buying at least one story per year for the annual anthology.

If you have not been professionally published before, feel free to also submit your story for consideration for THE MIKE RESNICK MEMORIAL AWARD for Best Science Fiction Short Story by a New Author. Submissions will be accepted between SEPTEMBER 1ST and APRIL 1ST, and you can find the guidelines and submit your story here.