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THE EDITOR’S WORD by Lezli Robyn

Arc Manor Publishers, along with its imprint CAEZIK SF&F, and Galaxy’s Edge magazine, was absolutely delighted to go to Balticon last month and share our new issues and books with our writing and reading community. Regular fiction contributor Alex Shvartsman, spent a lot of time at our tables, launching his new novel, The Middling Affliction. While we are biased, all the incredible reviews attest to what an intelligent, witty read it is. An urban fantasy set in Brooklyn, no less!

Speaking of Brooklyn…. I was staying in that borough ahead of Balticon, touring New York and sharing the sights. And yet, it was only when I turned up at the convention that someone decided to share Covid-19 with me, which has then led to pneumonia and quite a significant infection in my teeth, because apparently I am not Wonder Woman, and my editor pen can’t erase this virus from my own existence.

Consequently, this editorial will be short and sweet. We’re absolutely thrilled that Jean Marie Ward was able to interview Wesley Chu, again pulling back the curtains of creativity to share the heart and mind of a wonderful author. We also welcome a new columnist to the magazine, Alan Smale, who will intrigue us with all the Turning Points in science, history and life, and how these pivotal topics can impact or inform authors while they write. I had the pleasure of editing his novel, Hot Moon, which is absolutely wow-ing science fiction geeks, Apollo fans and reviewers alike! It releases this month, and given that the author is an astrophysicist who works for NASA, you can imagine how accurate the science is. Not only that, but the characters are so rich. I could go on, but this is meant to be a short editorial.

Also in this issue, we have new-to-my-editing-pen authors, Elaine Midcoh, Kimberly Unger and Antony Paschos, and regular favorites, Mica Scotti Kole, Nancy Kress, Mike Resnick, Angela Slatter, and George R.R. Martin—the latter in collaboration with the venerated Howard Waldrop, whom I am delighted to have bought another two foundational pieces of fiction from, to feature in upcoming issues!

Be well. Stay safe. And, as always, happy reading!